Valentine’s Day Reimagined

Some of you may have read what I wrote specifically to those of you who long for a partner but have not found the right person. I encouraged you to give love and attention to yourself the way you would to your sweetheart. I’m curious if anyone tried that. What was it like?

This year, as Valentine’s Day approaches I want to write to those of you in relationship who are thinking about what you want to do for your beloved on February 14th.

We live in such funny times where there is so much emphasis on the material world: what you look like, what you own, what you wear. So many people buy roses or jewelry or candy for their valentine and think that is a wonderful representation of their love.

I want to challenge all you Valentines out there to dig a little deeper this year and give your Valentine a non-material gift. Give the gift of time. Time spent just being together, talking and enjoying each other may be the most loving gift you can give.

Here are a few gift ideas for your sweetheart that will say “I love you” more than a box of chocolate or a bouquet of flowers:

  1. Give a whole day to your partner. Do whatever they want to do. No questions asked.
  2. Take your loved one to a beautiful place in nature that is special to you. Best if it is a surprise—somewhere they have never been, that you love. Sharing that special place and taking time to be there together is a beautiful gift.
  3. Plan to go on an adventure that neither of you have ever been on together. If you don’t do the actual adventure close to 2/14, make sure the date is untouchable in your calendar.
  4. Sign up for a class together: dancing, art class, cooking, or a Good Vibrations class.
  5. Give your beloved a handmade book of coupons for massages or other special treats.
  6. Make your Valentine a handmade card. Take time to make it beautiful, elaborate, unusual and particular. Get inspiration here
  7. Spend the day doing something creative together. You set it up and have all the materials ready for your partner to enjoy.
  8. Give the gift that keeps on giving- Plant a tree, or a garden with your sweetheart.

I am sure you can come up with some of your own wonderful Valentine’s gifts that are about spending time with your sweetheart. Write and tell me what you did and how your Valentine responded.